The Gospel makes us family. Jesus has established His church to work out what it means to be in God’s family. Church membership is about a mutual commitment between you and the people and place of Rock Hill. As Christians we are called to set ourselves under the care and authority of a local church as the majority of the New Testament takes place within the context of the local church. This happens at Rock Hill through membership.

Membership at Rock Hill is a commitment to live out our core identities as worshipers, family, servants, witnesses, prayers, and learners. Membership moves us from consumers to participants. It is an acknowledgment that our salvation in Jesus is both a private and public confession.  We do this by joining the visible local church, an expression of God’s global Church, and setting ourselves under her authority and care. Members commitment to serve and partner with other members in the church in order to see the Gospel transform our lives, our church, our city, and our world.

Steps to Membership at Rock Hill

  1. Attend the Pizza with the Pastors to meet our pastors and ask any initial questions (Sign up here)
  2. Watch the Statement of Faith Videos
  3. Attend the Rock Hill Foundations class held once a month(Sign up here)
  4. Check when the next class will happen or sign up below for more info)
  5. Meet with a Rock Hill Pastor for a Member Interview

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