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What is The Rock Hill Institute?

The Rock Hill Institute (RHI) is a One Year Biblical Immersion to help you decipher your unique Kingdom Calling.

It is a Strategic Curriculum. 

The Curriculum for RHI is based on a four-quarter system, in which the content of each quarter builds on the previous one and follows a big-small-big-small motif:

Quarter 1: 9/10 to 10/22– Gospel Story – The Drama of Scripture by Mike Goheen

Quarter 2: 10/29 to 12/17 – Gospel and Heart – You Can Change by Tim Chester

Quarter 3: 1/14 to 2/25 – Gospel Mission – Total Church by Tim Chester

Quarter 4: 3/11 to 4/22 – Gospel Calling – Every Good Endeavor, by Tim Keller

Having established a foundation in the Grand Story of the Bible (Q1), we seek to apply the gospel to our own hearts (Q2). We then ask what the specific mission of God’s people is in (Q3) before finally talking about how to faithfully lead in light of all we’ve learned in our vocations and neighborhoods (Q4).

It is Based in the Local Church

The best place to develop leaders and disciples is in the context of messy missional ministry.  Your time in the RHI is not meant to be a replacement for actual ministry involvement, but rather a supplemental training track that equips you for greater effectiveness.  Theology doesn’t have the option of staying in an ivory tower with so much brokenness surrounding us.  All theology is practical and all practice is theological.  RHI aims to help you make the connections in your life and ministry.

It is Individually-Driven, but Community Focused

Not everyone is wired to simply go read a book and implement changes.  Many of us need some structure added to both hold us accountable and help us process through what we are learning.  The weekly reading and weekly gathering format is structured to provide an environment to let learning flourish.  There will be work to do, reading to cover, but there will also be a weekly time to process through these ideas with those you are in ministry with.  It seeks to pull in the best of both worlds.

It is Holistic in its Goals

The purpose of RHI is not to simply fill your heads with lots of Biblical truths, but to help you develop (1) Biblical thinking (2) godly character (3) ministry skill.  Maturity is when these three aspects of development happen in harmony with one another.

RHI is based upon the hard work of Surge School in Phoenix, AZ

The goal of ministry is faithfulness, not originality.  Because of this, RHI has sought to build upon and contextualize the work of the Missional Training Center’s Surge School.

It includes Individual and Community Learning Environments

  1. Individual Study. Every student is responsible to read all the material in Bible, the books and the reader. Each student will also be encouraged to participate in a Bible reading plan.
  2. Weekly MeetingsSunday mornings 7:15-8:30 am—students will discuss the Scriptures and the readings, seeking to draw out implications for life and their leadership responsibilities. The primary course facilitator will be Pastor Dave Addink.

What does RHI Cost?

The cost is $30/quarter if you want to simply jump in for the 1st quarter or $100 if students plan to do the whole year.

This cost covers your books.  Please do not let money be a prohibitive factor.  Rock Hill makes no money on this, the $30 per quarter covers your resources.  Some scholarships are available if you contact Pastor Dave at

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