Weagamow Lake, Ontario is accessible only by plane or by ice roads in the winter months. This remote and isolated place has been on the hearts Rock Hill members, Dan and Alana Hatfield, for many years. Rock Hill has been blessed to send a team of people to help the people of Weagamow Lake and share the Gospel for the past few years. Here is a reflection from a team member and member of Rock Hill, K’rin Jacobson on this year’s trip:

“For a while, I have heard about Dan Hatfield working on a reserve up in Canada, putting in radio towers and have always thought about how cool that was, so when I heard that a team was going up to help facilitate a tent revival my ears perked up.

This summer, I have found that I have been over working myself both in summer school and work. My community and my peace with God had taken a back seat. This trip was a chance to, in a way, fast from the things that were coming before my walk with God.

So I went. We got on a plane and landed the farthest north I have ever been. I was struck but what was being covered in the tent meetings. During one meeting there was an offering for a family that had lost one of their family members. People from the community lined up to shake hands and give what they could to those who had lost a loved one.

Hearing about different events and from the personal conversations, it became clear that death had a strong presence in the community. I heard a stat that 1 in 10 kids will not make it to their 20th birthday due to suicide.

There was still a simple time of worship in which they sang to God. It was so honest that it pulled at my heart strings to the strength of the hope God gives in any situation. They read passages from Revelation, longing for the second coming of Jesus, where He will restore the world. This small group of people gathered together knowing the hardships of their world and worshiped.

I know that God is at work in this place. It was refreshing to know that the work done both with putting up the radio tower and the work we did with the children to show them the hope of God, was a part of the work God is doing there. I cannot leave out how good it is to be a part of God’s Church and to do His work. Thank you for participating in His Kingdom by your prayers, works, and listening to the hope we have in the work that He is bringing to completion.”