What is The Rock Hill Institute?

The Rock Hill Institute (RHI) is a church-based leadership development system created to develop theologically sound, godly and skilled leaders.

Our Two Tracts

  1. Leadership Courses–each 7-week course is created with the goal of equipping our leaders to declare, display, and delight in the gospel as members of a redeemed community of people.  The courses include individual study of a gospel-centered book and the Scriptures as well as a weekly group discussion.
  2. School of Ministry Courses–our 2-Year School of Ministry curriculum includes ten Acts 29 West Training courses, the Perspectives Course, Financial Peace University, and a Church History course.

The RH Institute is Based in the Local Church

The best place to develop leaders and disciples is in the context of messy missional ministry.  Your time in the RHI is not meant to be a replacement for actual ministry involvement, but rather a supplemental training track that equips you for greater effectiveness.  Theology doesn’t have the option of staying in an ivory tower with so much brokenness surrounding us.  All theology is practical and all practice is theological.  The RHI aims to help you make the connections in your life and ministry.

It is Individually-Driven, but Community Focused

Not everyone is wired to simply go read a book and implement changes.  Many of us need some structure added to both hold us accountable and help us process through what we are learning.  The weekly reading and weekly gathering format is structured to provide an environment to let learning flourish.  There will be work to do, reading to cover, but there will also be a weekly time to process through these ideas with those you are in ministry with.  It seeks to pull in the best of both worlds.

It is Holistic in its Goals

The purpose of the RHI is not to simply fill your heads with lots of Biblical truths, but to help you develop (1) Biblical thinking (2) godly character (3) ministry skill.  Maturity is when these three aspects of development happen in harmony with one another.