The Gospel changes us from a self focus to an others focus. We serve because Jesus serves us and frees us to seek to see others satisfied in Him.

We desire for each member of the body of Christ, specifically those in this local church, to use their God-given gifts and skill sets to glorify God and to serve and invest in one another and those in our city, nation, and world. We long to be a people on mission together, through various ministries inside the church, and by engaging our various spheres outside the church – our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, and other affiliations.

There are so many good things we as believers could do with “our” time, talents, and treasure. Therefore, rather than simply responding to needs, we always want to be a people who respond to God about a need. We want to serve out of obedience, not obligation. When serving gets tiring or challenging, we will have strength to carry on our obedience by the power of the Holy Spirit. When we respond to what God would have us do concerning a need, we can serve others from the heart as we are reminded of how much God served us in Jesus. When we experience the joy of serving from a place of obedience, we again give thanks to God for the opportunity to partner with Him and for giving us a greater depth in knowledge and experience of how much He loves us.