What are the School of Ministry Courses?

The Rock Hill Institute (RHI) School of Ministry courses are designed for those who want to be trained for vocational ministry as pastors, church planters, missionaries, etc.  However, the individual courses are also open to leaders who want to take a course for their own personal development.

In the Spring of 2020 (late Jan – early May), we will be offering two courses:

Leadership (starting on 1/23): taught by Pastor Kyle Eaton on Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:00 PM
Course Authors: Larry Osborne & Brian Howard

This 15-week Acts 29 West Training Course equips students to shepherd their churches through the changes that come with church planting and to deal with the relational dynamics that come with leading an organization. The course unpacks the essentials of organizational leadership and outlines a clear path for your development as a leader of leaders and leader of an organization. Despite the church leadership focus, this course is open to anyone willing to learn about the theme. 

Discipleship (starting on 1/28): taught by Pastor Paul Bishop on Tuesday mornings from 6:00-7:30 AM
Course Authors: Jeff Vanderstelt and Brian Howard

This 12-week Acts 29 West Training Course equips people to actually make disciples. Students will be helped to define the normative and contextual aspects of discipleship. They will also learn how to make disciples that make disciples at each stage of the church planting journey. While these questions at times get only cursory treatment in the busyness of life and ministry, this course will provide a robust look at the essence of discipleship and the systems and structures to facilitate it in the context of church planting. Open to anyone!

What is the Time Commitment?

Plan on about 3-5 hours a week of coursework outside of the 1 1/2 hour class.  Most of this is reading, some is watching video lectures and writing assignments.

How Different is the Coursework?

The courses are seminary-level courses and academically rigorous.  Therefore, students should expect to be stretched and work hard at forming biblical convictions in writing and in the classroom.

Will I Be Expected to Engage in Ministry Outside of the Courses?

Yes, we believe that the best learning happens within the context of actual ministry.  Our expectation is that you would remain fully plugged into serving and ministry while taking these courses.  Real life ministry keeps you grounded, prevents ivory tower thinking, and actually aides the learning process as you experience why this is so necessary.

How much do the Courses Cost?

It costs $10 a month for the course subscription for as long as you are in the course (3 months).  In addition to this, you will need to purchase all of the books listed for each course — pastors will send you an email once you sign up with more info on how to pay. Some scholarships may be available if you are unable to purchase books, however, we do want you to be invested in your education so that you take it seriously.

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