A Story of God’s Provision & Faithfulness

Aaron and I have been tithing our entire marriage, and along the way, God has taught me a lot about idols in my life, His provision, my willingness to trust Him, and my willingness to receive generosity.  We have had several seasons in our life where I’m sure people would have given us an “out” […]

The 3 Most Influencial Books that Pastor Kyle Has Read

Have you ever wondered what the most influential books your pastors have read and why?  Then follow this blog series as the elders of Rock Hill share with you the 3 most influential books they have read outside of the bible. This is Pastor Kyle’s list. 1. The Pleasures of God by John Piper This […]

The Three Most Influential Books Luke Olson Has Read

  By Luke Olson   The Life of God in the Soul of Man – Henry Scougal   A mentor of mine gave this book to me. It’s a relatively small book by an old puritan who died at age 27 and published only one other book. Scougal actually wrote the material not as a […]

Ecuador 2013: Trip Highlights

Well, we made it back from Ecuador safely! It is hard to summarize the entire trip in one blog post and God did so many amazing things that it would take a long time to list everything. Each group member has their own personal stories of how they saw God work before, during and after […]