Rock Hill Executive Pastor Paul Bishop lays a Biblical Foundation for work to begin the conference.

Kevin Boren, the CFO of Essential Hospitals talks about looking to our work for too much where it becomes and idol, or too little and it becomes meaningless.  He shares his story of his tension with work.

Gary Doty- former mayor of Duluth talks about the intersection between faith and public service/politics and the need for Christians to serve and engage in public policy.

Carrie Boren talks about the challenges of finding our Identity in our work.  Either as a business woman or as a mom.

Jay Allen engages the uniqueness of practicing medicine from a posture of faith.

Darren Danielson- News Anchor at WDIO talks about the role his faith plays in his job as a journalist and part of the media.

Beau Walsh- Founder of the Cultural North speaks to the exciting venture of entrepreneurship and its place in the Kingdom of God.

Judd Sellan- owner of Taco John’s franchises speaks to how his role as an owner at Taco John’s is a way of preparing young people for life lessons.  Additionally, he has been able to guide people over the long haul.


Bill King- VP at Cirrus Aircraft talks about integrating his faith at work in the little things.

 Q & A Panel Discussion.  There are some great nuggets of practical advice here.