Women’s Retreat 2016

Join us at Grand Superior Lodge for a time to connect and seek the Lord together as we worship and study God’s Word. This year’s theme is “Coffee Conversations”. We will look at building a Biblical framework for our relationship with God and one another. We will enjoy the view of Lake Superior from the pool, hot tub, fireplaces, […]

Advent Conspiracy 2015

What is Advent Conspiracy? Advent Conspiracy was started in 2006 by five pastors who desired to see Christmas revolutionize and change the world, just like it did the first Christmas with the birth of our Savior. It is a way for the church to come together and engage more fully in authentic worship and giving during […]

Obeying His Call-Julie Lietz

I feel like many people have a heart for missions, and for some reason it seems easier to travel many hours to a foreign land where people don’t speak my language and to tell them about Jesus, rather than walking the streets of my city and doing it.  Maybe you can relate. My family had […]

Weagamow Lake 2015 Reflections-K’rin Jacobson

Weagamow Lake, Ontario is accessible only by plane or by ice roads in the winter months. This remote and isolated place has been on the hearts Rock Hill members, Dan and Alana Hatfield, for many years. Rock Hill has been blessed to send a team of people to help the people of Weagamow Lake and […]

Sanctification is like walking up a down escalator

Sanctification (the gradual and continual process of God forming us into the character of His Son Jesus) is functionally like walking up a down escalator. You have to keep moving forward sometimes just to stay at the same place. Growing in godliness is not something that is ever static or unchanging. It is something that […]


This past Advent (Christmas) season Rock Hill raised over $37,000 through Advent Conspiracy. Advent Conspiracy is an opportunity to celebrate Christmas by Worshipping Fully, Spending Less, Giving More, and Loving All. Each year we dedicate 100% of the funds raised to different projects locally and globally that will bless our city and the nations. For Advent […]

Submission from a Woman’s Perpective

In light of last week’s sermon on 1 Peter 3, here are my thoughts (from a woman’s perspective!) on what submission is, how it works, and how I truly feel about it! Mind you, it’s my first blog ever, so please bear with me! Before I start, let me say this: Submission, to me, has […]

Watching Hockey & Reading Your Bible

First of all, Go Wild! I am a guy who loves to play and watch sports, but I have never before been much of a hockey guy. Now, I know that this little fact about me causes half of Northern Minnesota to write me off, but hang with me for just a little bit. Hockey […]

Stories of New Life: Mikayla

This past Sunday at Rock Hill, we celebrated and witnessed the baptism of Mikayla. In baptism, we see the beautiful picture of our union with Jesus.  Through faith, by the Holy Spirit, we are united with Jesus in His perfect life, His sin-bearing death, and His resurrection from the dead.  Baptism is a response for all Christians […]