Rock Hill Community Church Leadership Pathway

Healthy, godly, and equipped leaders in the local church is one of the most important things for a healthy church.  While God has not called all people to be leaders, he has called some to take up the mantle of leading others.  At Rock Hill, we believe that the vital components of godly leadership are Biblical thinking (HEAD), godly character (HEART), and ministry skill (HANDS).  In light of that, Pastor Kyle has worked hard to compile a list of some of the most helpful resources he has come across to help you develop your theological convictions, grow in godliness, and learn to serve others skillfully.

The three tiers of Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading Organizations are meant to be worked through in stages.  Each stage is overseen by a pastoral mentor and is not meant to replace ministry involvement in our body, but rather to equip you to serve well in that ministry.  If you’re interested in formally working through this, fill out the form in the right column.

As you work through these resources, write down a one-page summary after each book.  Include: Key Takeaways, Your Remaining or new questions, and action steps to take in light of what you have read.

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Tier 1 – Leading Yourself (11 Resources, takes up to a year)

Self-leadership is the first building block to faithful discipleship and influence.  The hardest person that you will ever have to lead is yourself.  These books will introduce you to gospel dynamics, theology, and practical skills necessary to lay a good foundation for your journey into leadership.

Tier 2 – Leading Others (14 Resources, takes about a year)

Transitioning from leading yourself as a disciple to now leading others as either a team leader or counselor makes it more necessary to fill in would be gaps in skill (leadership) and knowledge (theology).  These resources are still meant to be very accessible, but will force you to think more strategically and deeply.

Tier 3 – Leading Organizations (Primarily for those desiring to serve as an Elder/Pastor or Church Planter)

For those venturing into tier 3, you feel a serious call to lead the church, either vocationally as a pastor or church planter, or as a lay elder who must be every bit as called and competent as those who do so vocationally.  Most of these resources are not your “light reads” but will force you to think comprehensively about organizational health and culture (leadership), theologically-driven ministry, precise communication of God’s word (preaching), heavy issues that come up regularly in pastoral counseling, and how to guard your own soul in the midst of such weighty tasks.