What are the Discipleship Courses?

The Rock Hill Institute (RHI) Discipleship Courses are 7-week courses designed to equip leaders to  declare, display and delight in the gospel as members of a redeemed community of sent people.

In the fall of 2019, we will be offering two courses:

Quarter 1: 9/8 to 10/27 – The Gospel and Our Hearts

Students will explore how exactly God transforms the human heart through the gospel while studying six New Testament Epistles and  You Can Change by Tim Chester.

Quarter 2: 11/3 to 12/15 – The Spirit and Our Mission

Students will explore the Holy Spirit’s ministry in our lives as we carry out Christ’s mission together while studying the book of Acts and Jesus Continued by JD Greear.

The Purpose of the Courses

The purpose of our RHI Leadership Courses is not to simply fill your heads with lots of Biblical truths, but to help you develop (1) Biblical thinking (2) godly character (3) ministry skill.  Maturity is when these three aspects of development happen in harmony with one another.

Each Course includes Individual and Community Learning Environments

  1. Individual Study. Every student is responsible to read all the material in Bible, the books and the reader. Each student will also be encouraged to participate in a Bible reading plan.
  2. Weekly MeetingsSunday 2:00-3:30 pm—students will discuss the Scriptures and the readings, seeking to draw out implications for life and their leadership responsibilities. The primary course facilitator will be Pastor Dave Addink.

How much the RHI Leadership Courses cost?

Each quarter costs $30/person.  This cost covers the cost of your books and refreshments.  Please do not, however,  let money be a prohibitive factor.  Some scholarships are available if you contact Pastor Dave at dave@rockhillcc.org.

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