Well, we made it back from Ecuador safely! It is hard to summarize the entire trip in one blog post and God did so many amazing things that it would take a long time to list everything. Each group member has their own personal stories of how they saw God work before, during and after the trip.

Group at Temple of Sun - Copy

God moved throughout the week in spite of having…

As Dr. Sills (the leader of the team and founder of Reaching and Teaching Ministries) put it:

“I am so thankful to God for His protection, healing, and enabling in/through/to our Reaching & Teaching team last week in Ecuador. The devil fought hard against us, but God just laughed and said, “Watch this!” Wow, what a week. Thanks to all the team members and their efforts and to all of you who prayed. Most of all, thanks and glory to God for all He did and does for us.

It was an amazing week and we saw God work in marvelous ways!  I thought the best way to share some of what we saw would be through a slide show of pictures with captions giving some of the background information from the trip. The slide show is a collection of various pictures taken by a number of team members. It’s by no means a collection of every picture we took, but has most of the highlights in it.

The easiest way to view the images is from a laptop or desktop. Click on the first picture of our group below (in the upper left) to start the slide show; you can then read through the captions as you flip through the pictures. These images and captions may not show up well on mobile devices.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for, encouraged and financially supported our team in our first-ever overseas missions trip at Rock Hill!  We couldn’t have done it without you and without the provision, blessings and power of God working through our trip and in our lives!