Our city is vastly unreached. About 15% of our city goes to a church of any kind and as we look at the dark state of Duluth and our own hearts we realize something incredibly profound.

We realize that Sundays are not enough.

An hour a week is not sufficient to see a movement begin to happen in our lives, in our church, and in our city. So, we are striving to be a people who live out the Gospel because we believe that practices and values won’t change anything or anyone apart from the work and message of Jesus.

What do City Groups do?

City Groups are the primary place where we gather together to live out our core identities as worshipers, family, servants, prayers, witnesses, and learners. We live out these values with three distinct rhythms. Each City Group accomplishes these rhythms based on their group size and life stage.

Family Night (Life in Community) – Our City Groups gather together for a time of group study, whether that’s going through different books of the Bible or a book that discusses different important topics. It’s a time to connect relationally at someones home where we have the chance to get to know one another better.

Mission Night (Life on Mission) – Our City Groups gather together as a group for a time to hangout and intentionally interact with those in their lives who don’t know Jesus. We do this by purposefully carving time out of our schedule to spend time with each other and those who don’t know Jesus.

DNA Groups  (Life on Life) – Our City Groups gather together in smaller groups of 2-3 people of the same gender for the intention of growing deeply in their relationship with God and a few others. As Discover-Nurture-Act Groups, we aim to cultivate Gospel-centered relationships and challenge one another to become more like Jesus.

Through these rhythms we are seeking to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of these things are in response to what God has done in our own lives through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

How do I join a City Group?

We would love to help you get connected to a City Group. We have City Groups that meet throughout the week in neighborhoods all over Duluth. Whether you are exploring what it means to follow Jesus or looking for community with fellow Christians, all of our City Groups love visitors and regularly expect them. Feel free to visit a few different groups as you seek to find a good fit. To join a City Group you can get an information card on Sunday at our City Group wall; email Mike Solis, our Associate Pastor, at mike@rockhillcc.org; or fill out the City Group Interest Form we have on this page.

Interested in joining a City Group? Want to know more about our groups? Fill this out and we’ll be in touch!