We love Jesus and we love the church. The church is not an event as much as it is a people that gather and scatter to make Christ known. We are convinced that no single church is going to reach everyone in a given area. Because of this, we are deeply committed to spiritual multiplication at every level.

Healthy things reproduce. Healthy Christians make other disciples. Healthy City Groups grow and start other City Groups. Healthy leaders train up other leaders. Healthy churches grow and start other churches. We long for spiritual multiplication to happen at every level in our church so that in the next 25-30 years, there are at least that many new gospel-preaching churches in this region.

In light of that, we believe that while God calls some people to stay at Rock Hill, He calls many people within Rock Hill to go and begin new gospel works in different neighborhoods, cities, and areas throughout Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

If you are interested in possibly starting a new work, we invite you to contact us, and find out more about our church planting philosophy our church planting residency and training programs, and any new churches that are already in the works.