Areas to Serve


  • Administration
    • If you like to organize and perform secretarial tasks, this may be your niche. On a weekly basis, Rock Hill is looking for people who can fold bulletins, make copies of various materials, and stock supplies.
  • Writing & Editing
    • Written communication is helpful in many ways – whether it be in informing people of what is going on in the church or equipping people to serve in various ministries and fields. Publishing content in both paper and electronic forms is a regular occurrence here at Rock Hill as we do our best to resource the body of Christ.


  • Crafts
    • Creative people are such a blessing to the body of Christ as they can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Be a part of a team that designs crafts that help our Rock Hill Kids remember what they are learning about or help put together party favors for a Rock Hill event.
  • Decor, Visual Arts, & Interior Design
    • Rock Hill needs people with great taste in decor, visual arts, and interior design in order to help our church building and office space be welcoming and hospitable. If you would enjoy decorating our buildings for different seasons and helping with future interior design projects, join our Decor Team.
  • Graphic Design & Photography
    • Help Rock Hill capture important moments and highlight upcoming events by taking photos and creating graphics for the website, posters, and other communication tools.
  • Sewing
    • Every so often Rock Hill needs a seamstress as there may be a hole in a sanctuary chair or a costume that needs to be made for our Rock Hill Kids.


  • Facilities
    • Anyone who owns a house or other building knows how much upkeep is involved. Rock Hill needs people who are willing and able to help with routine maintenance and repair in our church and office buildings and with more sizable building projects. Every once in a while, we also need help moving heavy furniture and/or equipment.
  • Grounds Keeping
    • Bless the church and the neighborhood by helping with gardening or picking up litter.
  • Housekeeping
    • Picking up the sanctuary and other areas of the church building is a weekly task that requires a relatively small amount of effort, but makes a big difference. Additionally, although Rock Hill has an awesome janitor who cleans weekly for us, every once in a while we have extra janitorial needs that we could use another hand for such as cleaning the church before and after a wedding, cleaning up after a building construction project, and cleaning the building for a special event or outreach.


  • Cooking & Baking
    • There are many avenues to use your sweet (literally) skills, such as providing goodies for an event or cooking/baking food for a Rock Hill training or class.
  • Events Planning
    • While we as a church try to be pretty simplistic in our programming, Rock Hill does coordinate a few events each year along with weddings. If you enjoy helping plan events, we would love to utilize your skills in helping with the planning process and carrying out delegated tasks.


  • Childcare
    • Rock Hill would like to be able to provide childcare regularly for Rock Hill-sponsored events and ministries such as membership and equipping classes.


  • Media
    • If programs like PowerPoint are your best friend, consider joining our Media Team to assist the flow of our Sunday morning gatherings through announcements, lyrics, and sermon content.
  • Drama
    • We encourage our people to use their musical and theatrical abilities for various events and outreaches.
  • Technology
    • Technologically savvy people are valued and appreciated by Rock Hill Staff, especially when we have to ask questions such as: “Our internet quit working, can you help us troubleshoot?” or “My computer screen just went black, what should I do?” or “We need to install this program/hardware. Can you help?”