What is Advent Conspiracy?

What have we done in the past for Advent Conspiracy projects?

What are we doing this year for our Advent Conspiracy projects?

Our overall goal is to raise $38,500.00 which will go towards the following projects:

How can I be a part of Advent Conspiracy?

We ask that you, first and foremost, pray for our Advent Conspiracy projects and your giving to them. The projects we have selected will change the lives of many people. We pray that God will work through our giving to not only change their lives, but also their hearts so that they may become passionate followers of Christ and spread the Good News.

As a church we have the opportunity to work together to raise $38,500 for this year’s projects.

UPDATE: As a church we raised $44,322.57! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for accepting the challenge and helping Rock Hill show that Christmas can still change the world!