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Kevin Boren

Financial Deacon & GOVERNANCE TEAM
Kevin serves on the provisional leadership team, serves as financial deacon with his wife Carrie, and they also lead a city group.  He is passionate about community and contributing through leadership, administration, and shepherding.  Kevin is a leader in the finance area at Essentia health.  He has an undergraduate degree in finance and MBA from the University of Minnesota twin cities, along with a masters degree in finance from the London school of Economics.
Kevin has been married to Carrie for 12 years, they met when they were both working and attending grad school in the twin cities, and they have two awesome children Emma (8) and Caden (5).  They moved as a family to Duluth from Madison, WI in January of 2014 and have been attending Rock Hill since.  When not at work or enjoying his family Kevin enjoys being outdoors, biking, ultimate frisbee, and football.


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