Summer Hours: Join us at 10 AM (Lincoln Park) and 6:30 PM (Chester Park)

The Kairos Course is a study course that was developed in the Philippines in the 1990’s and is being used in more than thirty countries – both western and non-western—to open people’s eyes to see cross-cultural ministry from a biblical, historical, strategic and cultural perspective. Starting on January 21st. 2018, this course will be taught at Rock Hill by Pastor Dave Addink.

Kairos is modeled after the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course and accomplishes essentially the same goals, but does so in much less time and with much less homework! We estimate that you get about 80% of the benefit from Kairos as you may receive from Perspectives. But the financial investment is $25 instead of $250 for the course; the time commitment is 9 weeks instead of 15, and there is about 1 hour of homework as opposed to 3-4 hours a week.

If you have wanted to be further trained in how to engage in global missions you will love this class. We’re opening it up to anyone from Rock Hill, but we’ve also invited leaders and members of other area churches to join us.

The meetings will be at Rock Hill Community Church on Sunday afternoons from 2:30-5:00 PM from January 21st – March 25th. Students can also join an optional Engage Global Trip to the Twin Cities the weekend of March 2nd -4th for $225/person. You can learn more about Kairos Course itself at or contact pastor Dave at More information about the Engage Global trip can be found on their website at

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