Dear Rock Hill,

Following the advice given by our Governor to help stem the spread of Covid-19 we will be cancelling all 3 church services for the next three weeks. We will continually re-evaluate the situation and resume services should the situation warrant.  Please be in prayer for one another, our community, and our world as we face these unique times.

Rock Hill is taking the following proactive steps to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. 

We will be streaming our 9:00 AM message each of the next four weeks so you will still be able to access the Word. We will have this available on Facebook and it will be imbedded on our website. 

We are still encouraging you to meet as City Groups within the confines of what you are comfortable. The possibility of using Facetime or Google Hangouts for City Group Gatherings for those who don’t feel comfortable gathering are options we would urge you to consider.

Our pastoral staff will still be hard and work and will try to stay connected with you as best we can.  As always feel free to call the office 218.728.4714 or email us if you need anything.

Additionally, arranging meals for those affected by COVID-19, should the need arise would be a great ministry your City Groups could put into practice.

We will continue to stay abreast of what the experts are advising, and we will make adjustments based upon their recommendations. Please refer to our website and Rock Hill Social Media for Updates. We don’t want to be alarmists. However, these proactive measures will help prevent the spread of Coronavirus to those we love and serve here at Rock Hill and our outlying community.

Here are things you can do to help!

Don’t forget to give! If you usually give during our Sunday offerings and circumstances don’t allow you to come, please considering one of the following ways to give:

  • Give Online:
  • Text To GiveText “rockhillcc” to 77977You will see a screen that will give you an option to set up recurring giving or a one time gift.  
  • Give by Mail:Checks can be made out to Rock Hill Community Church and mailed to:Rock Hill Community Church 518 North 24th ave West Duluth, MN 55806 
  • Give by Auto Bill Pay:Auto Bill Pay is a great way to give consistently to Rock Hill. It allows you to send out one time or recurring checks from your bank account. For most bank accounts Auto Bill Pay is FREE and Rock Hill incurs no processing fees when receiving gifts through Auto Bill Pay. 

Our team of elders met last night and had a great time praying for you and discussing how we can be proactive in these unique times as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has disrupted our lives in a unique way.  As Christians, a couple things should guide our thinking on these issues:·  

  • First, we want to live in faith, not fear.  This is a serious threat, but we do not want to be paralyzed by fear or characterized as alarmists.·  
  • Second, we want to be wise and do everything we can to prevent the ongoing spread of this virus.·  
  • Third, we want our actions toward others to be governed by love.  Meaning, even if this virus is not a great threat to you, it is to someone that you love that you have regular contact with.  So, be willing to do things that you might not normally do in order to show love to your neighbor.

In light of this regularly ask yourself the following three questions:·  

  1. Am I being motivated right now by fear or faith?·  
  2. Are my actions right now being driven by wisdom and good counsel?·  
  3. Are my actions and thoughts right now being motivated by love?

Please continue to pray that the Lord would give wisdom to our leadership team as we navigate this new territory.  Pray that the Lord would protect our community from this virus.  And Pray that those in our community would know us by our love.

You are loved,

The Rock Hill Elders