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What is The Bible Immersion Course?

The Rock Hill Institute Bible Immersion Course is a one-year biblical immersion that will help you capture the chronological flow of God’s Story, the contribution of each Book of the Bible to that Story, and how to study individual books in depth using the Inductive Bible Study method. While students who choose to take the entire course will certainly derive the greatest benefit from the course, students are also welcome to participate in those quarters they can join if their schedule doesn’t allow them to participate in whole 4 quarter program.

It is a Strategic Curriculum

The Curriculum for the Bible Immersion Course is based on the following four-quarter system:

  • Quarter 1: The Origins & Rise of the Nation of Israel (Genesis – 2 Kings 10)\
  • Quarter 2: The Prophets, Destruction & Rebuilding of the Nation of Israel (2 Kings 11 – Malachi)
  • Quarter 3: The Story of Jesus and the Church in the First 30 Years of the Apostolic Era
  • Quarter 4: The Church’s Ongoing Development in the Last 30 Years of the Apostolic Era

In Quarters 1-2, students will be led through an in-depth study of Ruth & Habakkuk while taking in the big picture of God’s story and discovering how each individual book contributes to that Story. Then, in quarters 3-4, students will read through the New Testament in a chronological manner in hopes of capturing the flow of the story and how each individual book contributed to the growth of the earliest church planting movement, a movement inspired by the life of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, led by the apostles and preserved through local churches. They will also do an in-depth study of Titus and be trained in some basic small group leadership and teaching skills.

It is Based in the Local Church

The best place to develop leaders and disciples is in the context of messy missional ministry. Your time in the RHI is not meant to be a replacement to actual ministry involvement, but rather a supplemental training track that equips you for greater effectiveness. Theology doesn’t have the option of staying in an ivory tower with so much brokenness surrounding us.

It is Individually-Driven, but Community Focused

Not everyone is wired to simply go read the Bible and implement changes in our lives. Many of us need some structure added to both hold us accountable and help us process through what we are learning. The weekly reading and weekly gathering format is structured to provide an environment to let learning flourish. There will be work to do, reading to cover, but there will also be a weekly time to process through these ideas with those you are in ministry with. It seeks to pull in the best of both worlds.

It is Holistic in its Goals

The purpose of RHI is not to simply fill your heads with lots of Biblical truths, but to help you develop (1) biblical thinking, (2) godly character, and (3) ministry skill. We believe spiritual maturity is result of development in all three of these areas. Therefore, all students will be expected to be actively participate in a City Group and serve with their spiritual gifts in some way amidst the course.

It includes Individual and Community Learning Environments

  1. Individual Study. Every student is responsible to do their Bible reading, watch the Read Scripture videos, and carry out the assigned inductive Bible study prior to class. Failure to do so will greatly hinder their ability to participate in group discussions.
  2. Weekly MeetingsSunday afternoons 2:00-3:30 pm—students will discuss the Scriptures and the readings, seeking to draw out implications for life and their leadership responsibilities. The primary course facilitators will be Pastor Dave Addink and Jill Mikkelson.

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