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Advent Conspiracy 2015

What is Advent Conspiracy?

  • Advent Conspiracy was started in 2006 by five pastors who desired to see Christmas revolutionize and change the world, just like it did the first Christmas with the birth of our Savior. It is a way for the church to come together and engage more fully in authentic worship and giving during the Christmas season. Advent Conspiracy is made up of four tenets:
  • Worship Fully: It’s all about Jesus. Christmas is a time when love came down, peace came for all, and our King was born! Enter this Advent season with a heart overwhelmed with worship for our Savior.
  • Spend Less: Gifts are undeniably associated with Christmas time. But do you actually remember what you received last Christmas? Or what you gave? Advent Conspiracy isn’t about staying away from the mall but rather wisely putting our dollars to use on things that will be remembered because of the full heart that gave them.
  • Give More: The most precious gift you can give is yourself and your time, not a new gadget or toy. And while those things are okay, the Advent season begs us to remember the precious gift we were given through Jesus Christ. Give more of what matters, after all it isn’t quantity, but quality.
  • Love All: We have received an incredible, indescribable love from our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Christmas season is a natural time to give that love to others. Giving love to others can take on many forms such as helping a neighbor, buying groceries for a single mom, or giving to a family in need. Whatever it may be, love is what it all boils down to.

What have we done in the past for Advent Conspiracy projects?

  • 2009: We raised $6,000 to drill a well in Ethiopia.
  • 2010: We raised $13,601 which helped plant 13 churches and care for 130 orphans in India.
  • 2011: We raised $15,000 plus another $36,000 which moved an entire village to a safer area, drilled a well for fresh water in India, gave 6 cows to support church planters, and helped us install a new heating system.
  • 2012: We raised $14,973 which supported the drilling of a well and several church plants. Additionally, more cows were bought and given to help church planters support themselves.
  • 2013: We raised $37,423.45 which enabled the translation of the book The Gospel as Center into a language with very little theological materials as well as helped to drill a well in Kenya.
  • 2014: We raised $37,949.00 which went towards drilling a well in Liberia which helped alleviate the Ebola epidemic, as well as helping Bethel Gospel Church in India care for church planters, pastors, and orphans and helped Vision Nationals plant and support 3 new churches in India.

What are we doing this year for our Advent Conspiracy projects?

Our overall goal is to raise $38,500.00 which will go towards the following projects:

  • $3500 will go to Keith and Alicia Stoltzfus as they spend 3 months in Sierra Leone to help locals learn to build houses, providing them with more affordable housing and more room to care for orphans as well as providing them with possible renting income. Follow their journey on their Facebook Page.
  • $15,000 will go towards helping Keith and Alicia Stoltzfus build a house in Sierra Leone for a pastor and his family in Sierra Leone.
  • $5000 to Living Waters International to drill a well in India. Visit their website here!
  • $15,000 will go towards helping NEBA (a non-profit organization in Sierra Leone started by Arise Church) in start up costs for a motorcycle taxi business and training of faithful young men which will provide them with sustainable income. Visit their website here!

How can I be a part of Advent Conspiracy?

We ask that you, first and foremost, pray for our Advent Conspiracy projects and your giving to them. The projects we have selected will change the lives of many people. We pray that God will work through our giving to not only change their lives, but also their hearts so that they may become passionate followers of Christ and spread the Good News.

As a church we have the opportunity to work together to raise $38,500 for this year’s projects.

UPDATE: As a church we raised $44,322.57! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for accepting the challenge and helping Rock Hill show that Christmas can still change the world!



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